Jeanne Lenzer is an award-winning independent medical investigative journalist and author

whose hard-hitting investigations and analyses have appeared in medical journals, such as The BMJand in outlets such as the Atlanticthe New York Times MagazineWashington Monthly, Newsweek Japan, Mother Jones , Huffington Post and Slate

Her first book, The Danger Within Us: America's Untested, Unregulated Medical Device Industry and One Man's Battle to Survive Itexplores themes that have been at the heart of Lenzer's work over the past three decades: the intersection of money and medicine and how profiteering distorts medical science and undermines the public health.

Her investigations have revealed hidden financial ties between industry and public institutions, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.  In each instance, she documented flawed scientific recommendations that serve to protect profits over public health.  Examples include the CDC's recommendation for oseltamivir (Roche, Tamiflu), a campaign that was paid for by Roche; and the FDA's approval of drugs over the (sometimes unanimous) recommendations of their own scientists - after being contacted by politicians beholden to manufacturers.

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